Canadian Ambassador to Iraq and Jordan visited the Chamber

Canadian Ambassador to Iraq and Jordan visited the Chamber


Sulaimany on 15.04.2014: Canadian Ambassador to Iraq and Jordan Mr. Bruno Saccomani accompanied by Mr. Jean-Philip Tachdjiam, Commercial Consul in Jordan and Khidir Subaihat, Canadian Trade Commissioner in Erbil. They welcomed by Mr. Yaseen Raheem the first vice-chairman of the chamber accompanied by number of the Board of Directors of the Chamber and wished them pleasant visits for the first time in Sulaimny City. Mr. Ambassador said "Canada is back after 25 years absence with Iraq” he also added "Canada has no Agenda, Canada is here to help and support in Iraq.”

Mr. Saccomani highlighted that Canadian support would be in many fields such as Humanitarian, agriculture, industry, banking system, education and easiness visa application for Iraqi citizens.

Although Mr. Ambassador mentioned that "education fields is one of the most important ones because more educated means more business and better economy.”

At the moment Canada offer 200 Iraqi scholarship and the Canadian Embassy in Iraq try to raise this number into 1000 scholarship in Iraq. Moreover, they opened a trade commission office recently in Erbil in order to ease visa application and trading.

Mr Yassen Raheem thanked Mr. Ambassador for offering assistant and present full support from Sulaimany Chamber of Commerce and Industry to success any projects from them.

Mr. Vice-Chairman wished the Canadian Universities enter to Kurdistan and role a major task in Education.




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