Sulaimany Chamber of commerce and industry hosts a Bulgarian delegation

Sulaimany Chamber of commerce and industry hosts a Bulgarian delegation

Sulaimnay on 14.04.2014: Sulaimany Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hosted a Bulgarian delegation in the meeting hall of the Chamber, who visited Kurdistan region. They welcomed by first vice-chairman Mr. Yaseen Raheem and number of member of the Board of Directors of the Sulaimany chamber of commerce and industry, businessmen and investors in Kurdistan Region. And from Bulgarian sides, head of the deligation Mr. Krasin Dimitrov Deputy Minister of Economy and Energy, Mr. Svetoslav Stoykov Vice-Mayor of Dimitrovgard city, Yancho Yanev the chairman of Haskov Chamber of commerce and industry and member of businessmen and representative of Bulgarian companies.

The aim of the visit is to strength relation between Bulgaria and Kurdistan Region in all aspect of development, Business, construction, oil & Gas, tourism, machinery, agriculture and investment in particular.

The delegation expressed their happiness of visiting Sulaimnay city and they wish that their visit would be a starting point for develop trade and economic relations.

Mr. Yaseen Raheem said "the need to strengthen relations between the two sides at various levels and the importance of the exchange of trade visits between the two countries in the interest of both sides based on mutual co-operation.”

At the end of the meeting, Sulaimany Chamber of commerce and industry signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with HASKOVO Chamber of commerce and industry.


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